Terms and Conditions

Welcome to NEHRA's Online Community, an inclusive space designed for member-to-member learning, conversation, and interaction. To ensure a positive experience for all NEHRA members, we have developed a set of basic participation guidelines. 


   Be Respectful: Be courteous and respectful to fellow members. Do not attack others. Focus on discussing content rather than individuals. Remember, all HR-related questions are welcome.

   Be Relevant. This is a space to ask questions, share challenges and experiences, get feedback, and engage in meaningful conversations about HR and the employee experience.

   Be Helpful. You may share positive product and service reviews for industry vendors if valuable to the group. (Self-promotion not allowed.)

   Be Mindful of Copyright/intellectual Property. Only post content you have personally created or have permission to use, properly attributing the original creator/author. Additionally, specify whether or not permission is required for reuse. Respect copyright laws; do not post copyrighted material without permission.

   Be Clear and Concise. Clearly state the topic in your subject line for easy search and reference . Remember, all messages should contribute positively to the NEHRA HR community. (NEHRA reserves the right to reject any message for any reason.)



   Promote or Sell Your Products/Services. This is NOT the space to post jobs, events, surveys, resumes, solicitation of resumes, marketing of products or services, or any other (self) promotional information. To share job information, visit the NEHRA career page. To promote programs and services to NEHRA members, email info@nehra.com for sponsorship information.

   Spam/Solicit. Collecting emails or phone numbers for the purpose of solicitation without permission is not allowed and will NOT be tolerated.

   Violate Antitrust Laws: When discussing products, avoid libel, slander, or other antitrust law violations.

   Share Prohibited Content/Materials: Posting defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials and content will NOT be tolerated. Members who violate this rule are subject to immediate removal from the online Community and NEHRA as a whole. Please do not post links to articles or resources behind a paywall or that require registration to view.


NEHRA’s Three Strikes Policy:

NEHRA reserves the right to take action (i.e., remove posts) that violate these terms and conditions. Additionally, if an individual repeatedly violates the terms and conditions, NEHRA reserves the right to take the following actions:

   First violation: Written warning (email) from NEHRA staff.

   Second violation: One-month suspension of online community use.

   Third violation: immediate and permanent suspension of NEHRA online community privileges.


Legal Disclaimer:

   NEHRA provides the Online Community as a benefit for member learning, conversation, and interaction and is not responsible for posted opinions or information.

   Additionally, NEHRA and its Online Community are NOT liable for any damages arising from the use or performance of posted information or product reviews.

   Do not facilitate or encourage illegal activities such as price fixing or market manipulation.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a robust and vibrant HR community! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our member services department at membership@nehra.com.