Tips for Real Estate Agents for Putting up Listings Effectively

By Jack Larson posted 05-02-2021 22:41


Every real estate agent wants to have their hands full with buyers and sellers buying and selling property through them. Apart from showing property and tackling contracts, real estate agents also have to effectively list properties that will appeal to all customers.


Map maker for real estate professionals


With so many properties to list, helps real estate agents with a simple map maker that provides clients with answers to questions about particular neighborhoods. A number of questions can be answered just by looking at a map. 


Customers can filter maps based on their features of interest and get a better understanding of the listings. Real estate agents can even add their own data that could be of value to clients. You can add listings to a map so that clients can get a visual representation of every property available. With just an address for each listing, you can visualize your listings on a map. You can also group listings with the map grouping tool. 


 Use keywords that describe the property


It can be difficult to market your listings in a way that they get noticed. The real estate agent needs to know a bit about SEO practices and to choose the right keywords that people will use when searching for properties they want. 


The proper keyword phrases are important and will need to include the neighborhood and city’s name. The agent has to imagine what words the customer searching for a specific property will type into the search bar and use these words in their listings. 


Social media listings


Social media is of utmost importance for marketing. The whole world and his wife are on social media and a top benefit of real estate social media is to highlight your real estate success stories in case one of your viewers is interested in buying or selling property. 


You can promote your business and property from your personal account but you could miss out on special business features. You can post just one or two properties that have your special interest. Describe the place’s details, the address and price in an engaging way. 


When you post your listings, keep it social, telling prospects about the home. You can also upload photos of the property you’re promoting along with a link to it on your website. 


Host an open house


Yes, Covid-19 has put a halt on open houses but every now and then, restrictions are lifted in areas and then you should use the time wisely. There’s nothing like visiting a property and seeing it in person, but that is often not possible anymore. Then virtual tours can be an alternative. 


Modern technology allows you to have an excellent idea of what this property is about. These virtual tours give you the feeling that you are actually walking through the place. The 360° rotating images allow users to virtually navigate at their own pace between images and explore every angle of the property.


Real estate blog


A well-optimized real estate blog is a great way to showcase a client’s property. Writing a blog is a sure way for real estate professionals to build their brand and connect with clients. 


Blogging is a powerful marketing strategy for real estate professionals as they can keep customers updated on industry trends and also give advice. Blogs can be used to add a new listing, too and you will want to add photos and videos of the place’s best features.


You have diverse customers and you want to list super-luxury properties, best-value properties, and cheap properties that have some amazing features. Your website can feature the area’s property listings that you know will be of interest to your readers.

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